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News about Turning Torso by Santiago Calatrava

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Turning Torso blog started

All the latest news about Turning Torso can now be found here:

Only for like-minded people

From Metro 2004-12-01 and Sydsvenskan 2004-11-30

  • Before the rents for the apartments in Turning Torso was announced, 1300 people had expressed an interest in rening an apartment.
  • Now, the rents for the 147 apartments are known, and 200 people remains that wants to sign a rental contract.
  • Each day, three or four new applicants for a rental apartment turn up.

HSB Malmö now raises the bar for new potential residents. In addition to a stable economy and good references, you also need to fit in with people that have already decided to move in. Those living in Turning Torso should want to get to know their neighbors. HSB Malmö wants in this way to make sure that those that do move in looks at their living as a long-term living.

HSB Malmö signs contract with PR agency

From Sydsvenskan 2004-11-30

The interest for how the construction of Turning Torso proceeds is large. HSB Malmö do not have time for all journalists that regularly calls. Because of this, HSB Malmö has signed a contract with the PR agency CGI Malmö AB to get some relief with the media contacts.

First but not last

From Sydsvenskan 2004-11-19

The architect of Turning Torso, Santiago Calatrava, was born in Valencia in Spain. There, they have several public buildings drawn by Calatrava. Now, the city of Valencia wants to build four residential skyscrapers similar to Turning Torso. The tallest skyscraper would be 280 meters high. Valencia is looking for private money that is willing to build the skyscrapers.

The project leader for the construction of Turning Torso, Ingvar Nohlin, thinks that it will be easier to make a profit from the construction in Valencia. Turning Torso is built with a very narrow body. This means that the non-usable area on each floor is too large as compared to the usable area. In Valencia, they will probably build with larger volumes.

The plans for a residential tower by Calatrava in New York continues. HSB Malmö's CEO Greg Dingizian has also been told that there is an interest for something similar in Asia.

No public space at the top

From Sydsvenskan 2004-11-19

HSB Malmö has plans for the two top floors in Turning Torso, that they do not yet want to tell us. It will not be a public space for looking at the view.

A viewing platform for the public would require special security measures. Greg Dingizian, CEO of HSB Malmö, do not think that residents living in Turning Torso want the elevators occupied by tourists going up and down in the house.

Office space rented out

From Sydsvenskan 2004-11-17

HSB Malmö has signed a contract with the first Turning Torso office space renter. Håkal Sköld Fastighetsbyrå, a real estate broker, rents 200 square meters on floor 12.

Not the highest residential building in North Europe

From www.turningtorso.com 2004-11-14

HSB Malmö claims at their web site that Turning Torso is North Europes highest residential building. Is this a correct claim?

Let us ignore that Turning Torso is not a residential building accoding to the guidelines from skyscrapers.com due to ten floors of office space.

Let us also ignore that Turning Torso is not completed yet. This means that we must compare Turning Torso with all almost completed residential buildings in North Europe.

In Moscow, they are constructing what will be Europes tallest residential building: Triumph-Palace is just as Turning Torso almost finished, and has a height of 264 meters.

Then we have the question: Does Moscow belong to North Europe?

Moscow is in Russia, that belongs to Europe. Moscow is further north than Malmö. If Malmö is in North Europe, then Moscow is in North Europe.


  • Turning Torso is not the tallest residential building in North Europe.
  • Triumph-Palace is North Europe's tallest residential building.


From Sydsvenskan 2004-11-14

Local newspaper Sydsvenskan today discusses the subject of Turning Torso souvenirs.

"As a spectacular symbol for Malmö, Turning Torso beats all previous symbols by far, maybe with an exception for Zlatan Ibrahimovic" writes Mikael Bergstrand. He continues: "Among the memories from Malmö a visitor brings home, there will certainly be the picture of the twisted house."

We now have some emerging Turning Torso souvenirs:

  • T-shirts with Turning Torso prints
  • The Malmö Monopoly-based game, with a Turning Torso marker in metal
  • Sydsvenskan's build your own Turning Torso description:
    Bygg din egen Torsomodell!

HSB Malmö has registered the Turning Torso trademark, and they are in the process of creating an official souvenir collection. We can expect to see a scaled down Turning Torso in steel or glass. There will also be clothes and key chain rings.

No restaurant at the top

From Metro 2004-11-12

HSB Malmö do not yet want to tell us what the two top floors (53 and 54) will be used for. HSB Malmö says that it will not be a restaurant, and it will not be a sky bar.

2004-10-07: IntenTorso (The Intentia house + Turning Torso).
Photo: Michel Schaumburg. Nice? Ugly? Comment!
More pictures by the same photographer.
Large pictures by the same photographer.

Sweden's most expensive rents

From Metro 2004-11-12

The rent for the apartments in Turning Torso will probably be Sweden's most expensive. The mean square meter price in the most expensive new buildings that have been constructed in Sweden recently looks like this:

  • 1850 SEK per year: Turning Torso
  • Above 1800 SEK per year: MKB's most expensive house in the Bo01-area: Kajplats 01
  • 1535 SEK per year: Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm
  • 1465 SEK per year: Liljeholmen in Stockholm
  • 1450 SEK per year: Eriksberg in Göteborg
  • 1380 SEK per year: City in Göteborg
  • 1200 SEK per year: Hässelby in Stockholm

HSB Malmö's CEO Greg Dingizian thinks that they could have taken out 20% higher rents for Turning Torso than what they now try to do.

24 hours after the rents were presented, 12 out of 1200 persons (1%) came back to HSB Malmö and said that they still want to live in Turning Torso.

When it comes to the ten floors at the bottom in Turning Torso, HSB Malmö will occupy the five lowest floors. The other five floors are not yet hired out.

2004-10-06: Double Torso. Photo: Michel Schaumburg.
Nice? Ugly? Comment!
More pictures by the same photographer.
Large pictures by the same photographer

Water below Turning Torso

From Sydsvenskan 2004-11-11 and 2004-11-03

At the end of next year, a pond will be constructed around Turning Torso, both to please the eye and for security reasons. Greg Dingizian (CEO of HSB Malmö) said it like this: "If you drop a small item from a high height, it can be dangerous". Lars comments: The city of Malmö should have thought of that before placing Turning Torso in the middle of a road crossing.

It takes eight seconds for a coin to fall from the top of Turning Torso to the ground. This includes the effect of the calculated air resistance. Without air resistance, the drop would have taken 6,22 seconds.

The cost of living in Turning Torso

From Metro, Sydsvenskan and www.turningtorso.com 2004-11-11

The rent for an apartment in Turning Torso will be between 7 094 and 26 151 SEK per month.

  • One room and a kitchen at the 15:th floor (45 square meters): 7 094 SEK.
  • Two rooms and a kitchen at the 27:th floor (78 square meters): 12 551 SEK.
  • Three rooms and a kitchen at the 24:th floor (92 square meters): 13 964 SEK.
  • Three rooms and a kitchen at the 45:th floor (97 square meters): 16 596 SEK.
  • Four rooms and a kitchen at the 36:th floor (161 square meters): 22 118 SEK.
  • Five rooms and a kitchen at the 51:th floor (190 square meters): 26 151 SEK.

The rent has been decided based on the area occupied by the apartment, the floor level and the view. The following things are included in the rent:

  • 24 hour reception desk
  • access to the floor for celebrations and larger dinners.
  • access to a jacuzzi
  • access to a wine cellar

The 1200 people that has shown an interest in renting an apartment in Turning Torso now have to decide if they really want to move in or not. If they want to move in, they should pick five apartments they are interested in. The apartments will be assigned to individual applicants in January. The first residents can move in in the last months of 2005. The first residents will move in just before Turning Torso is completely finished. The rent will be lower the first few months.

The mean square meter price is 1850 SEK per year. This is high, but at the same time at the same level as the rent in many other newly produced apartments in Sweden. The square meter price varies between 1650 and 2053 SEK per year. With this, the rents will be in the upper end of the scale that previously was promised (1200-2000 SEK per year).

Garage construction back on track

From Sydsvenskan 2004-11-11

People living in European Village close to Turning Torso stopped the construction of the Turning Torso garage, because the garage was larger than the original plans. To avoid a delay in the construction of the garage (the garage is needed when people move in to Turning Torso at the end of 2005), HSB Malmö has made a secret agreement with the three households that stopped the construction of the Turning Torso garage.

  • Those households no longer demands that the garage construction must be stopped.
  • There has been made some changes in the plans for the garage, according to the wishes of those households.

Build your own Turning Torso

From Sydsvenskan 2004-11-03

The local newspaper Sydsvenskan allocated four pages for Turning Torso this Wednesday. Two of the four pages was a description for how you can construct your own Turning Torso-model using paper and glue. If you feel like building your own Turning Torso, go ahead to Bygg din egen Torsomodell!

Here is how the project leader presents Turning Torso

From a tour on the web 2004-11-09

Turning Torso by night. Photo: Lars Tufvesson. Nice? Ugly? Comment!

Ingvar Nohlin is the project leader for the construction of Turning Torso. If you have ever wondered how Ingvar presents Turning Torso and Västra Hamnen, here is a simple way of finding out: Click on the link below!

Turning Torso: 20% from Denmark

From Sydsvenskan 2004-10-27

Out of the 1000 people that have shown an interest for one of the 147 rental apartments in Turning Torso, 200 people are from Denmark. The number of applicants from Denmark has increased now when the tower is easier to see from Denmark.

The average person interested in an apartment in Turning Torso is a man born either in the 1940's or in the 1960's. He is living in a rental apartment today, and has no kids at home. 30% of all applicants are born in the 1940's. Another 30% of the applicants are born in the 1960's.

The day of moving in has been moved forward once more. Now, HSB Malmö is talking about November 2005 as a preliminary date for moving in.

Impresses our neighbors

From Skyscrapercity 2004-10-21

A person from Finland found the pictures from the top of Turning Torso. He said the following:

  • Damn that tower looks good. So tall and the views are nothing short of amazing really. Feels dizzy to look at those photos taken straight down  This surely calls for a celebration! Congrats!

A person from Denmark went to Västra Hamnen to look at Turning Torso. He said the following:

  • I just went over to Malmö to check out the TT in real life yesterday, and I must say I was really impressed. It was much higher and more impressive than I had expected, and the shape of the tower was like nothing I had ever seen before. Definitely the coolest building in the Øresund region.

    Hopefully it will inspire us Danes to try to make something that can beat it, but I guess not since we have some strange idea that the medieval towers must remain the highest buildings of Copenhagen forever.

NCC about Turning Torso

The construction company NCC is going to build office space in Västra Hamnen. In an interview, an NCC representative had the following to say about Turning Torso:

Turning Torso is a land mark that definitely will put Malmö on the map. Turning Torso is a building that already can be seen from the continent (Copenhagen). A city needs something to be associated with. I think Turning Torso is good for Malmö. Besides, I think that it is good that we have some half-crazy people with visions.

The Turning Torso advertising tower

From an advert in local newspaper Sydsvenskan around 2004-10-19

HSB Malmö has begun the marketing campaign to find companies that want to rent the office space in the two lower cubes of Turning Torso. The title of the ad is "When the office becomes an ad and the rent a part of the marketing cost".

Garage construction stopped

From Sydsvenskan 2004-10-21

The local authorities have stopped the construction of the garage to the north of Turning Torso, because the garage is planned to cover two grounds and also occupy the six meter wide area between the two grounds.

HSB Malmö is discussing about how to proceed. The alternatives are:

  • Build two parking houses, one on each ground.
  • Change the facade according to the wish of the neighbours.
  • Challenge the local authorities in a higher court instance.

2004-10-12: Sun rise. Photo: Lars Tufvesson. Nice? Ugly? Comment!

More than one unique concrete tower in Västra Hamnen

From the book "I Per-Albinlinjens fotspår (2): Sydvästra Skåne" by Lief Högberg

The green and pointy tower is the old air shelter at the Kockums shipyard. Photo: Lars Tufvesson.

Turning Torso is not the only unique concrete tower in Västra Hamnen. There is a much smaller and older concrete tower, that also is unique.

At the oldest part of the old Kockums shipyard area, at dock number 11 here in Västra Hamnen, you will find a strange building: An 18 meters high air shelter, probably the only one of its kind in Scandinavia. This type of air shelter was common in Germany during the second world war. The concrete tower at Kockums shipyard was probably built just before the second world war begun.

The idea was that bombs dropped from planes should bounce or slide away from the tower. There is room for 100 people inside the tower. Today, the lower level is filled with water. Despite this, the tower is dry inside, and the concrete looks as new. The tower has probably never been used for anything.

2004-10-05: A photo taken from a plane? No.
The view from Turning Torso? Yes!
Photo: Henrik Andersson.

Giant pictures from the top

From a mail 2004-10-08

Earlier, we have been able to admire the view from floor 36 in Turning Torso in the form of a giant picture. Now we can add two more giant pictures to our collection:

Fewer apartments in Turning Torso

From Metro 2004-10-11

Earlier, the number of apartments in Turning Torso has been said to be 152. Recently, the number of apartments in Turning Torso has dropped to 147. The reason for the fewer number of apartments is that the apartments on the two top floors will be used for something else. HSB Malmö do not want to tell us for what yet.

At the same time, the size of the largest apartment has been changed. Earlier, the size of the largest apartment was 230 square meters. Now, the largest apartment is said to be 190 square meters.

Turning Torso did not top out last night

From Metro 2004-10-11

The Metro newspaper reported this Monday that "Turning Torso has reached its full height" on the front page. But has Turning Torso really topped out? The 54:th floor is ready, but that does not mean that the full height has been reached. Turning Torso is not yet 190 meters high. The elevator engine room at the top is not done yet.

The Sydsvenskan newspaper made the same error. The boldest heading on the front page said "190 meters high up in the air" with the sub title "Turning Torso topped out yesterday". Turning Torso is not yet 190 meters high, and Turning Torso did not reach its final height yesterday. The 54:th floor of Turning Torso is at 179 meters above the ground.

Pictures from the top

2004-10-05: What is this? Find out in our svindel-special!
Photo: Henrik Andersson.

From a mail 2004-10-06

This Sunday, there will be celebrations because the top floor has been built on Turning Torso. We want to celebrate too, and do so by showing pictures from the top:

Restrictions for Turning Torso?

From Sydsvenskan 2004-10-08

Anders Reisnert works for the city. He wants to put restrictions on how Turning Torso can be modified. He thinks Turning Torso is a cool symbol, with the correct attributes for a restriction:

  • An interesting story
  • A world-famous architect
  • An intriguing construction
  • A building that is impossible to change

Anders thinks that it will be at least 25 years before there will be any restrictions, primarily because the swedish state is not prepared to take such a big responsibility.

Investigation + HSB keeps Turning Torso

From Metro and Sydsvenskan 2004-10-06

HSB Malmö has decided to let an external investigator go through how the HSB Malmö board has handled the construction of Turning Torso.

HSB Malmö gets inquiries asking if they want to sell Turning Torso. According to the CEO of HSB Malmö, HSB Malmö will keep Turning Torso for the forseeable future.

HSB is moving in

From Sydsvenskan 2004-10-06

HSB Malmö will move its office with 70 employees to the bottom floors of Turning Torso. Other companies has shown an interest in renting space in Turning Torso primarily as high up in the tower as possible.

Time to celebrate

From www.turningtorso.com 2004-10-05

This Sunday, October 10th between 15:00 and 17:00, everyone is invited to celebrate that Turning Torso now has all the 54 floors. The party will be held close to the construction site. There will be snacks, entertainment, competitions and information.

The highest residential in Scandinavia

From Skyscrapercity 2004-10-04

Which building is the highest residential building in Scandinavia?

Turning Torso will be the highest, if we ignore that at least ten floors will be used for other things than apartments. But Turning Torso is not yet completed.

What building is today the highest residential building in Scandinavia?

It is the residential building Domus Vista in Copenhagen. The house was built in 1969, the height is 102 meters, and the number of floors is 40.

Don't miss Turning Torso on Discovery

From www.turningtorso.com 2004-10-03

The 50 minute long rock video inspired documentary about the construction of Turning Torso will be shown on Discovery Channel here in Scandinavia this week:

  • Tuesday the 5th of October, starting at 21:00.
  • Saturday the 9th of Oktober, starting at 20:00.

The documentary follows one work team for a week, when floor number 36 should be built. The documentary has already been seen by the personnel in the Turning Torso office, and many of them realized how advanced the building process really is by watching.

Many people working with Turning Torso

From Sydsvenskan 2004-10-03

Many people are working with the construction of Turning Torso right now. About 150 construction workers are working in the tower. 34 of them are finishing the interiors. One limiting factor is the elevators and the cranes. The cranes cannot be used wheen the wind is blowing too much. Things remains on the ground instead of being lifted up to where they are needed.

Turning Torso shirt in store now

From a walk in the area 2004-10-03

The Turning Torso shirt from Lollopard can now be bought in a shop near Turning Torso. It is Kit of Elsinore that now have the shirts in their window.

HSB is thinking about moving in

From Metro 2004-10-04

Next week, the campaign for renting out the office space in Turning Torso starts. 4000 square meters on ten floors. The rent will be 2400 SEK per square meter and year. Interested companies must hire at least half a floor, i.e. 200 square meters.

HSB Malmö is thinking about moving in themselves in Turning Torso. If they do, they will occupy four floors.

The slow growth of Turning Torso


The construction of the top floor in Turning Torso has begun. Was the construction slower at the end, or did all floors take about the same time each? The answer can be seen in the diagram below.

The height of Turning Torso, measured in number of floors.


Worth knowing about Turning Torso

From a lecture arranged by Limhamns föreläsningsförening 2004-09-28

Kent Hedin, second project leader for the construction of Turning Torso talked about Turning Torso. He mentioned the following things of interest:

The original Twisting Torso sculpture that now is transformed into Turning Torso is done in white marble. Here in Malmö, we have a copy of the sculpture done in cherry wood.

The architect of Turning Torso, Santiago Calatrava, is one of the world's most famous architects. He originates from Vanlencia in Spain, speaks six languages and has a swedish wife. Turning Torso is the first residential building he has done. Calatrava has mostly done bridges, stadiums and railwaystations before.

Turning Torso has become well known outside Sweden, even though the building is not yet completed. There are many foreign visitor groups visiting the construction site. There are as many foreign visitor groups as there are visitor groups from Sweden.

Most apartments in Turning Torso has two or thre rooms and a kitchen. The size is about 70-80 square meters. The smallest apartment is around 40 square meters, and the largest apartment is around 200 square meters.

Many people has been involved in drawing the construction drawings for Turning Torso. Up to 90 people were involved in the work with the drawings simultaneously.

When the large concrete ground that Turning Torso stands on should be done, 72 concrete cars were needed for 60 hours. To make it work, a new concrete car filled with concrete was needed at the construction site every fourth minute. The days before the big operation should start, someone remembered that the concrete car drivers needed to rest too. This resulted in calling in more drivers. All concrete car drivers in the south of Sweden were working on Turning Torso during the big operation.

Wind tunnel tries has shown that Turning Torsos twisted body can take more wind than a normal skyscraper can.

Does the top of Turning Torso sway? Not much. At the worst possible storm, the top will give 0,3 meters. If Turning Torso had been built in steel, the top would have moved more: 0,7-0,8 meters. Will this movement be noticed? That depends on how large the acceleration is. In Sweden, we have a limit on the acceleration in residential buildings on 15-20 milli-g. The top floors of Turning Torso may actually have a slightly larger acceleration than that.

The elevators in Turning Torso has a top speed of 5,8 meters per second. This means that a ride from the bottom to the top takes little more than half a minute.

Turning Torso is primary a work of art. Turning Torso is secondary a residential building. The construction of Turning Torso has to adjust to these priorities.

Is the outer steel framework needed? Yes, but not always (in the beginning, at least):

  • At the strongest possible storm, it is needed.
  • After some years, the steel framework will hold up Turning Torso. A 200 meter high concrete construction without support would shrink 0,08 meters every 20th year.

The outer steel framework has a weight of 900 tons. The diagonal pins are 25 meters long and has a weight of 25 tons. The two giant cranes that build Turning Torso can only hold 12,5 tons. To get the pins up there, other techniques have to be used, techniques that are normally used by miners.

New thoughts about the top

From Sydsvenskan 2004-09-25

HSB Malmö is thinking about using the two top floors in Turning Torso (floor 53 and 54) to something else than apartments. There are several alternatives. One alternative is some kind of conference facility. HSB Malmö will soon inform us about how the top floors will be used.

Lars comment: Then we might eventually get a revolving roof top restaurant in Turning Torso, similar to any skyscraper with some confidence in the US. The arguments against giving the public access to the top of Turning Torso has been that we must think about the safety for the residents, and that the elevators would not have capacity enough.

Turning Torso on Discovery in October

From Skyscrapercity.com 2004-09-17

The program about Turning Torso in the Extreme Engineering series on Discovery Channel will be shown here in Scandinavia on October 5th, at 21:00 and on October 9th, at 20:00.

Since the program has already been shown in the US and can be found on DVD, there are some people that have already seen the program:

Watched it and it was pretty interesting. The program was about a construction crew and the work they did in a week (a full 7 days). If I remember correctly, they were working on the 36th and 37th floor (or somewhere around that height) during that particular week. Lots of interesting stuff about how the project came into being and the issues they had and have to content with. The area around the tower looks barren though.

Crashed at 226 kilometers per hour

From Sydsvenskan around 2004-09-15

The Turning Torso project leader Ingvar Nohlin has calculated that the 3,5 ton heavy crane secion that fell down fell with a speed of 150 kilometers per hour.

The article writer has also calculated the speed. He concluded that the average speed was around 150 kilometers per hour. The top speed was much higher: Around 226 kilometers per hour.

Lars comment: I went through the calculations too, and came up with the same speed as the article writer. This speed is valid if you can ignore the air resistance, and in this case you should be able to ignore that. All objects that for some reason fall out of the 0,1 meter wide windows in Turning Torso will hit the ground at a speed of over 200 kilometers an hour, if the object is dropped from one of the top floors, and if the air resistance can be ignored. High heights are always security risks.

Time to celebrate full height

From Metro 2004-09-16

Turning Torso will soon reach its full height. This will be celebrated with two parties:

  • Around 800 guests are invited to party at the Glasklart restaurant at Dockan here in Västra Hamnen. This party is on October 8.
  • Around 1500 people will turn up when at the party where everyone can participate. This party will be held at the parking space close to Turning Torso, in a large tent.

At both parties, there will be food, drink and entertainment. There will probably be fireworks too.

Fell 200 meters

From Sydsvenskan 2004-09-10

It was time to increase the height of one of the giant cranes used when building Turning Torso. A six meters long and 3,5 ton heavy crane section was being lifted. When the section was at the top, 200 meters from the ground, it fell down and landed at the foot of Turning Torso. No human injuries, and no material was destroyed, except for the crane section itself.

Turning Torso: Now you can wear it

From Malmö Magasinet 2004-09-09

The Lollopard company has made it with its t-shirts showing the Kockumskranen, the old shipyard landmark in Västra Hamnen that was brought down to build new houses.

Now, the company hopes that their new garment with a picture of Turning Torso will be an equally big success.

Many companies have got "no" as an answer when they have wanted to use the Turning Torso picture, but the Lollopard idea was accepted by HSB Malmö.

HSB buys land close to Turning Torso

From Sydsvenskan around 2004-09-07 and Sveriges Radio 2004-09-07

HSB Sundsfastigheter has bought two areas in Västra Hamnen for 35 million SEK altogether:

  • One area to the north of Turning Torso. HSB is building a house with many uses here:
    • The ground level will contain a restaurant, a café, shops and an exhibition area.
    • The three next floors will contain 365 parking spaces in total.
    • The two top floors will contain 40-50 smaller apartments suitable for students.

    This building will be ready at the same time as Turning Torso, i.e. late Summer 2005. The building cost is 250 million SEK. Parkering Malmö will rent all parking places in the house for 3,6 million SEK per year, in ten years. Parking Malmö will rent out the parking places:

    • The lower parking floor is for short term visitors.
    • The two upper parking floors are for those living in Turning Torso or the area around Turning Torso.
  • One area south of Turning Torso, where HSB Malmö today has an office and an exhibition. Here, they will eventually build more permanent commercial buildings for offices and shops. This area costs 13,3 million SEK and the size is 5350 square meters.

Larger parking house

From Sydsvenskan 2004-09-03

A 100 meter long parking house with 500 parking places is built to the north of Turning Torso, along Västra Varvsgatan here in Västra Hamnen.

The city has changed the plans for the parking house many times. From the beginning, it was planned for a low parking house. The changed plan now permit a parking house with six floors.

According to Anders Rubin (working for the city) the plan was changed because the demand for parking places in the area is huge, and that need has to be fulfilled before considering other interests.

Lars comment: Look at that! The wind has changed (or is it the reality that has caught up on the dreams?): The same politicans that earlier decided that we in Västra Hamnen should do with less parking places that in the rest of the city (0,8 parking places for each apartment, instead of 1,1 parking places for each apartment) now decides that we are going to get more parking places than the plan originally permitted.

Rented out first: Office space

From Sydsvenskan 2004-08-25

The two lower cubes in Turning Torso contains ten floors with 4000 square meters reserved for commercial use. The office space is going to be rented out for 2400 SEK per square meter and year. The normal rent for new office rental contracts in Malmö is between 1800 and 1850 SEK per square meter and year. According to HSB, at least 40 companies has shown an interest. The process of renting out the office space will start any day now.

The rent for the residential apartments will be set in November. 700 persons has shown an interest for renting an apartment.

Turning Torso: Now on DVD!

From a tour on the internet 2004-08-03

The text on the Turning Torso DVD cover goes like this:

Engineers teem with confidence as they set out to build the tallest skyscraper in Northern Europe. But, there's one twist: This nightmare of a structure has to complete a 90-degree turn before reaching its final floor 600 feet up. Nothing like it has ever been built before, and the setting Malmo, Sweden won't make the impossible task any easier. Freezing, dark winters and brutal North Sea winds threaten to turn the construction site into an unworkable environment, forcing the crew to rethink their ambitious plan.

Discovery Channel starts selling the Turning Torso DVD on August 16th, at least on the american market. The price is $21.95, and you find the DVD on the Discovery Channel store.

(Discovery Channel has recorded a 50-minute program about Turning Torso in the Extreme Engineering series. It is this program that you will find on the DVD. The program was shown in the US in July, and it will be shown in the rest of the world this fall.)

Time Magazine about Turning Torso

Från a tour on the internet 2004-08-03

Time Magazine had an article 2004-07-26 about Turning Torso, because of the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York about skyscrapers that is built in the world despite what happened in New York. This is what Time Magazine has to say about Turning Torso:

The Spanish designer Santiago Calatrava is by training both an architect and an engineer, and his two new high-rise projects wear their engineering on their sleeves. Turning Torso, an apartment and office tower under construction in Malmo, Sweden, spirals suavely around its central core like a plug of twisted taffy, producing a form that looks stable and unified but also pliant and voluptuous.

600 interesed in renting an apartment

From Radio Malmöhus 2004-07-27

Since it stood clear that it will be rental apartments in Turning Torso, about 600 people has announced their interest for renting one of the 152 apartments. After the summer vacations, the rent for all the apartments will be decided. The rent will be around 13 000 to 15 000 SEK for three rooms and a kitchen. The rents will be ready around October-November, and then all interested will get a mail. The mail will be followed up with customer meetings.

Turning Torso on exhibition in New York

From Sydsvenskan and Wired 2004-07-14

Turning Torso is one of 25 high buildings shown at an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, beginning July 16:th. The exhibition wants to show that high buildings are built in he world, despite the act of terror against World Trade Center. The exhibition ends September 27:th.

In an article in Wired you can read the following about Turning Torso, because of the exhibition:

  • Turning Torso represents a growing trend in architecture moving towards mixed-use towers, where the skyscrapers are used 24 hours a day.
  • Turning Torso, with its incredibly small diameter of about 100 feet, is just one of the exhibition's example on radical engineering.
  • But the exhibition is not only about building the previously not possible. Calatrava said it like this: The exhibition is about the most economical way of using land. Lars comment: Is Turning Torso the most economical way of using the land?

Turning Torso is close to its final height

From www.turningtorso.com 2004-06-30

Turning Torso with Sundspromenaden, kallbadhuset and a pier for bathing in the front. Photo: Lars Tufvesson. Nice? Ugly? Comment!

  • Turning Torso has reached a height of 46 floors (153 meters).
  • Turning Torso will be 54 floors (190 meters).

The highest crane is currently at 190 meters, which makes it easy to imagine how high Turning Torso will be.

High, but not highest

From a home page with a list: "European Skyscrapers" 2004-06-28

Turning Torso will become 190 meters high, with 54 floors.

The top list for Europe's highest finished buildings contains at least the following buildings:

  1. 300 meters, 63 floors, office building:
    Commerzbank Tower, 1997, Frankfurt, Germany.
  2. 256 meters, 70 floors, office building:
    Messeturm, 1991, Frankfurt, Germany.
  3. 240 meters, 54 floors, office building:
    Main Tower, 2000, Frankfurt, Germany.
  4. 239 meters, 39 floors, university building:
    Lomonosov University, 1953, Moscow, Russia.
  5. 236 meters, 50 floors, office building:
    One Canada Square, 1991, London, UK.
  6. 231 meters, 33 floors, cultural building:
    Cultur Palace, 1955, Warsaw, Poland.
  7. 213 meters, 45 floors, office building:
    HSBC UK Headquarters, 2002, London, UK.
  8. 209 meters, 59 floors, office building:
    Tour de Montparnasse, 1973, Paris, France.
  9. 208 meters, 53 floors, office building:
    Westend Tower, 1993, Frankfurt, Germany.
  10. 208 meters, 42 floors, office building:
    Warsaw Trade Tower, 1999, Warsaw, Poland.
  11. 200 meters, 45 floors, office building:
    Citigroup Centre, 2001, London, UK.
  12. 200 meters, 36 floors, office building:
    Currency Stock Exchange, 1999, Moscow, Russia.
  13. 200 meters, 29 floors, hotel building:
    Ukraine Hotel, 1955, Moscow, Russia.

Comments to the list:

  • If Scandinavian Tower would be built here in Malmö according to the original plans, (325 meters, 85 floors), it would have been the highest building of Europe.
  • The completed buildings in Europe that are higher than what Turning Torso will be, are classified as:
    • office buildings
    • cultural buildings
    • university buildings
    • hotel buildings
  • Under construction, we have a building that will take the third place:
    • 245 meters, 50 floors, office building:
      Arena City Tower, 2004, Birmingham, UK
  • Other high buildings under construction:
    • 228 meters, 64 floors, office building:
      MAX, 2006, Frankfurt, Germany
    • 218 meters, 50 floors, office building:
      Luxor Tower, 2004, Rotterdam, Holland
  • Europe's highest residential building is:
    • 176 meters, 32 floors, residential building:
      Kotelnicheskaya Naberezhnaya, 1952, Moscow, Russia.

HSB Malmö wants to classify Turning Torso as Europe's highest residential building. Against this classification, we have the following:

  • Turning Torso is not completed yet.
  • The space in Turning Torso is less than 90% for residential use. This makes it impossible to classify the building as a residential building according to the definition used by skyscrapers.com .

On the other hand, Turning Torso will have the highest located apartments in Europe, if you look only to the floor plan numbers.

No hotel in Turning Torso

From Sydsvenskan 2004-06-24

HSB Malmö has decided to not create a hotel of the office space in Turning Torso on floor three to twelve. Reasons:

  • The interior decoration of the floors would be delayed, because it would have been necessary to negotiate with interested hotel chains.
  • It would have been hard for the hotel to make a profit.

As expensive as Kista Science Tower

From Dagens Industri 2004-06-23

Today, Dagens Industri compares Turning Torso (190 meters high, 19 200 square meters) with Kista Science Tower (160 meters high, 41 000 square meters).

Both has a construction cost of about 1,6 billion SEK.

While Kista Science Tower was expected to cost that much, Turning Torso will become almost three times as expensive as originally calculated.

Dagens Industri estimates the value of Turning Torso to 500-600 million SEK, based on the rental level that HSB Malmö has announced for Turning Torso.

Rent for cranes: A million a month

From Dagens Industri 2004-06-23

Here are a couple of reasons why Turning Torso has become more expensive than expected:

  • The project management for Turning Torso has many times had to re-think and try new ways.
  • The work has became more expensive, because it has not been possible to ask sub-contractors to do work. As project leader Ingvar Nohlin said: "If we that work with Turning Torso every day cannot understand how everything should fit together, how should we be able to out-source sub projects?"
  • The union stopped HSB Malmö's plans on shift work. The construction work is progressing slower because of this than it could have done.
  • Delays means a higher total cost. For instance, the rent for the two giant cranes is one million SEK each month.

Hotel instead of office space?

From Dagens Industri 2004-06-23

Floor three to twelve in Turning Torso are thought to be used as office space. HSB Malmö is currently thinking on if it would be better to use the floors as a hotel. This idea occurred in May when it stood clear that Scandinavian Tower, the planned giant hotel in the Malmö outskirts, will become significantly smaller than originally planned.

Looks like the Sydney Opera House

From Sydsvenskan 2004-06-13

Mikael Bergstrand's article in Sydsvenskan June 13th compared Turning Torso in Malmö with the Sydney Opera House. In both cities...

  • ...they had famous bridges before construction started: The Öresund bridge and Sydney Harbour bridge respectively.
  • ...the construction of a giant building was initiated: Turning Torso and Sydney Opera House respectively.
  • ...a famous foreign architect was consulted: Santiago Calatrava and Jörn Utzon respectively.
  • ...they wanted a land mark, a port to the sea and a nice eye catcher.
  • ...they counted very wrong on the cost of construction.
  • ...responsible persons had to leave their jobs.
  • ...the project was completed despite the cost increase.

If the construction history of Turning Torso continues to resemble the construction history for Sydney Opera House, then we can anticipate the following:

  • With time, the catastrophe becomes a success. All the bad is forgotten.
  • The building will be considered one of the world's modern wonders. Everyone is bewildered by its beauty.

Rental level not decided yet

From Sydsvenskan around 2004-06-05

HSB Malmö do not need to negotiate with Hyresgästföreningen about the initial rental level for apartments in Turning Torso, because there are no similar apartments to compare with.

HSB Malmö has said that the rent will be around 1200 and 2000 SEK per square meter and year. The lower level corresponds to the rental level at Potatisåkern, a recently built area of rental flats nearby. The higher level is just above the rental level that MKB uses for the most expensive apartments in Västra Hamnen.

People moving in to Turning Torso will after six months be allowed to test the rental level in hyresnämnden. If hyresnämnden considers the rental level too high, they can force HSB Malmö to lower the rent.

A profile and a tourist magnet

From Sydsvenskan 2004-06-03

The local newspaper Sydsvenskan today comments Turning Torso on the second page, because of the large loss of money that the construction of Turning Torso means for HSB Malmö. Sydsvenskan writes:

  • Even if HSB people are upset, people living in Malmö should be thankful to HSB because they dared to build Turning Torso. Turning Torso will in the forseeable future be the large profile of Malmö.
  • The Bo01 area with Turning Torso has become a tourist magnet. This is good for Malmö and for people living in Malmö. In the end, it will also be good for HSB.

To the top in 38 seconds

From Malmö Magasinet 2004-06-03

The five elevators in Turning Torso are faster than normal elevators. With a speed of 4,5 meters per second, the trip from the bottom to the 54:th floor takes 38 seconds. There are faster elevators already today in Sweden. The elevators in Kista Science Tower moves with a speed of six meters per second.

One of the elevators in Turning Torso will be usable during a fire by the firemen. A separate ventilation system will create a high air pressure in this elevator shaft, to keep the fire smoke away.

Apartments for rent

From Metro, Sydsvenskan and www.turningtorso.com 2004-06-02

HSB Malmö's management team decided 2004-05-27 that the apartments in Turning Torso should be converted to rental apartments. They want all apartments rented out on the first day. The rent will be between 1200 and 2000 SEK per square meter and year. 2000 SEK per square meter and year means 15 700 SEK per month for 100 square meters.

First in the queue to the rental apartments are the ten persons that had signed a contract for buying an apartment. After that comes the persons in HSB's general apartment queue. Third, the 60 persons that have announced their interest for a rental apartment in Turning Torso.

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